AstroLocality Consultation

AstroLocality helps you understand why some places you’ve lived or traveled to have resulted in experiences that are either overwhelming positive or negative. AstroLocality, similar to AstroCartoGraphy developed by astrologer Jim Lewis, helps you determine what the astrological influences are for your current, past or potential locations.

Looking at your AstroLocality chart helps you see the planetary influences of your location as if you were born there. This information is invaluable if you are considering a move to a new location. Your AstroLocality chart can help you choose a new location that will enhance your life rather than create more hardship. It can also explain why life circumstances seem more challenging in certain locations…..even if you don’t live there.

Creating Wealth
Your AstroLocality chart is also an excellent tool for finding which cities are best for business expansion, real estate investment, personal relationships, career and money. Even if you don’t want to live in a particular location, you can use your relocation chart to help you determine which locations would support your goals in any of these areas. AstroLocality can be used to understand the influences of the past or as a tool to support your future growth. Either way it is a powerful tool for learning how to be in the right place…all the time!

AstroLocality Consultation –  $150 – 1 hr. 
Includes interpretation of astrological world map through the lens of Western & Vedic Astrology to determine best locations for career, relationship, wealth and personal/spiritual growth. Charts for specific cities that you are interested in are interpreted as if you were born there. This reading contrasts the differences of energy between your  present location and future locations.  Specials!