Career Success Consultation™

In a Career Success Consultation™, your natal chart is interpreted from the perspective of the Vedic astrological tradition. As part of the four Vedic aims in life, “Artha” or economic prosperity is considered to be a high goal, particularly if the pursuit of wealth supports your “dharma” or life purpose.

Your Career Success Consultation™ consultation examines career and wealth factors from an astrological perspective and provides you with an understanding of the most successful areas of career focus and best ways to create wealth. It also reveals remedial measures (including gem stones and mantras) that can be used to offset any karmic or limiting inclinations that are indicated in your chart.  Specials

Your Career Success Consultation™ covers:
* Chart indicators for career success and wealth
* Specific careers indicated in your chart
* Life purpose & right livelihood indicators
* Challenges that may limit your success
* Current planetary periods for strategic planning
* Remedial measures to counteract negative planetary
influences: gemstone and mantra recommendations

1) DharmaVeda Career Success Consultation™: 60 mins. (Basic) $150
Includes reading of Vedic chart including indicators for success/wealth, career interests, life purpose, right livelihood & current planetary periods.

2) DharmaVeda Career Success Consultation™: 90 mins. (Advanced) $225
Includes thorough reading of Vedic chart including indicators for success/wealth, career interest, life purpose, right livelihood, career transition & planning, current transits & planetary periods for strategic planning.