DharmaVeda Astrology™

Discover Your Life Purpose with a Vedic Astrology reading where your birth chart is interpreted from the perspective of the Vedic or Hindu astrological tradition . Drawing from the ancient Vedic or wisdom teachings, your 1-hour Vedic Astrology reading focuses on the four main purposes or aims of human life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Dharma represents the knowledge of your souls’ true purpose including right action according to the highest principles. Artha reveals the course of action (right livelihood) needed to acquire resources that support one’s purpose.

Kama is the natural desire for enjoyment and passion that feeds and propels the soul’s progress. Moksha represents the final purpose of life; breaking free from the cycle of rebirth and experiencing the ultimate state of oneness or liberation.

Your initial DharmaVeda Astrology™ Consultation covers:

* Dharma or life purpose & right livelihood
* Spiritual indicators and karmic challenges
* Current Mahadasa (planetary periods) & transits
* Remedial measures to counteract negative planetary
* influences: gemstone and mantra recommendations

Subsequent readings can focus on relationship compatibility, health & ayurvedic/dosha assessment, spiritual counseling and more complete lifestyle/remedial recommendations.  Specials!

1) DharmaVeda Astrology Consultation (Basic): $150 – 1-hr. 
Includes reading of Vedic chart including dharma or life purpose, right livelihood, karmic challenges, current mahadasas (planetary periods) plus current transits.

2) DharmaVeda Astrology Update Consultation: $150 – 1-hr. 

Includes a thorough reading of current mahadasas & sub-periods, Varshaphala or “Vedic Solar Return” plus Vedic & Western planetary transits. (for clients who have already had a 60 min or 90 min. consultation )

3) DharmaVeda Astrology Consultation (Advanced): $225 – 1.5 hr. 

Includes lifepath numerology of name & birth date, thorough reading of Vedic chart including indicators for dharma or life purpose, career & right livelihood, unique gifts/challenges, Vedic mahadasas (planetary periods) & current Western transits/progressions for strategic planning.

4) DharmaVeda Astrology Consultation: $100 – 30 min.
These 30-min. consultations are for clients who have already had a full reading or for specific follow up questions from previous sessions.

Drawing from his M.A. degree in Transpersonal Counseling, 30+years experience as a professional astrologer, 45+ years study of Vedic Philosophy, and training as a certified life, business & career coach, James brings a unique blend of sensitivity, depth and insight to his work. Deeply, yet gently truthful, he always looks for and speaks to your highest potential and empowers you to reach it.