Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching

The Vision
If you are a Conscious Entrepreneur it’s clear that you want to make a difference in the world through sharing your unique gifts and services. Whether you are an artist, filmmaker, coach, author, counselor, consultant or health/healing professional like some of my clients, the bottom line is you want to be of service, do what you love and get paid well for it!

The Challenge
The challenge for most Conscious Entrepreneurs is that they quickly find that expertise in your field is only one part of the equation of having a successful business. Equally important to manifesting your vision of a successful service business is understanding how to attract potential clients, convert them to paying clients and build a strong referral network of satisfied customers.

Conducted through bi-monthly calls, Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching helps you:

* Create a vision for your business that fits your values & lifestyle
* Develop a unique niche and discover markets that want your services
* Speak about your services so that clients understand what’s in it for them
* Attract and retain clients so that your practice is always full
* Use time management & self-organization skills to keep you on track
* Create a business development plan so that you always know your next steps
* Use the web to optimize your message and attract your best clients
* and much more!

1) Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching™  – $350/month – 2x’s monthly subscription
Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching™ is designed to help you manifest your unique gifts and contribution in the world….and create a successful business while doing so! Includes bi-monthly coaching sessions, Astrological guidance + handouts plus email support between sessions.

Drawing from his M.A. degree in Transpersonal Counseling, 30+ years as a professional astrologer, 20+ years experience as a sales professional and training as a Career Coach and Certified Business Coach, James brings a unique sensitivity, depth and insight to his work. Deeply yet gently truthful, he always looks for and speaks to your highest potential and empowers you to reach it.