“James is so extremely efficient, multi-talented, highly skilled, well informed and just plain deep that it’s impossible to stump him. Every challenge I brought to him was met with infinite patience, supreme equanimity and the kind of quiet confidence that only comes with years of professional and life experience, plus layer upon layer of hard-won wisdom. Working with James is completely life altering. I cannot overstate his positive influence. You will find your self functioning at a much higher level in just a few short weeks.” – Tara M. New Orleans, LA

“My coaching experience with James was truly life changing and life affirming. His insight helped me gain clarity about, and equally important, to take effective action on the issues I had wanted to address in our work together. With James’ assistance, I was able to bring to fruition exactly what I was hoping to – literally 90 days to the day after our initial session. I still refer frequently back to our work together to keep me focused, on track, and inspired.” – Tony K. San Francisco, CA

” James is a great listener and has given me tools to take into my day to day life to help me set clear and healthy boundaries. I am empowered to say yes to things I might have previously avoided and expand my own business and personal potential as a small business owner. All of this was very helpful and practical for increasing my business and for moving into a new space in which I can flourish and expand my services. ” – Sonia V. Seattle, WA

“James is amazing! He is able to take complex issues and rapidly distill them to their core. With his help, I was able to break through issues that have been limiting my personal life and career for a very long time. He is the most effective person I have ever worked with. The tools and awareness he has given me are serving me every day and are easily sustained.” – John T., Felton, CA

RH“James is an inspiring life and career coach, and a compassionate, thoughtful, open-minded and kind-hearted person. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance in defining and reaching their career goals while staying true to that which is important on one’s personal life journey.” – Robyn H. Redmond, WA

” I’m impressed with the readings James gave me because it opened my eyes to the work I needed to do within myself. The information was accurate to my current life situation and we were able to to determine a game plan for meeting my ultimate destination in my life.” – Aaron S. San Francisco, CA

“James brings a synergistic combination of insight, humor, sincerity and professionalism to this work. He is a great listener, astute observer and clear communicator. Through my coaching work with James, I realize and appreciate how my unique skills and life experiences all contribute to the expression of my authentic vocation. I am more confident in my decisions and trusting of my instincts to guide me on my path.” – Carol T. Seattle, WA

“As a psychotherapist I value an integrated approach that combines spiritual, psychological and practical insights. James is by far the most comprehensive and in-depth astrological/career coaching consultant that I’ve worked with over the past thirty years. I particularly recommend his ability to uncover and clarify core issues and challenges facing both individuals and couples. – Loic J. Ph.D. Aptos, CA