james_dv_headshotWelcome to DharmaVeda
It is said that if you are in tune with your life purpose then the rest of your life naturally unfolds. You will find information and support here through consultations, coaching, our newsletter and blog posts that will inspire, uplift and empower you in your personal and professional life development.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
Drawing from the wisdom of the 5,000 year old Vedic Astrology Tradition of India, your DharmaVeda Astrology , Vedic Astrological Counseling, Career Success Consultation or Dharma Coaching will help you discover, clarify & manifest your unique gifts and contribution to the world.

Wisdom of Your Highest Potential
DharmaVeda loosely translated means “the wisdom of your highest potential.” DharmaVeda.com is a Vedic Lifestyle site where you will be able to learn more about integrating the wisdom teachings of the Vedic Tradition into your life.

Reconnect With Your Self
Particularly now, in the midst of stressful times, we all need ways to reconnect with a deeper sense of self. The Vedic Tradition, which has been around for over 5,000 years, contains some of the best and most effective wisdom teachings that you’ll come in contact with!

Support On Your Journey
Whether you are longing to discover a deeper calling in your life, clarify what your next career steps are, or create greater abundance in health and wealth, we have consultations & coaching to help you succeed on each stage of your journey.  Specials!

Namaste, James Jarvis

Vedic Astrology

Discover your life purpose or
“dharma”, right livelihood, obstacles & challenges, and the timing of auspicious current events for strategic planning of your life. more 

Dharma Coaching

Designed to support the insights gained from your Vedic Astrology Session, Dharma Coaching helps you clarify your life purpose and create a healthy, happy & balanced life.  more

Astrological Counseling

Instead of years of therapy, Vedic Astrological Counseling gives you immediate insight into your highest potential and also what may be holding you back from manifesting it.  more

AyurVedic Astrology

Reveals your Mind-Body Type (Dosha), factors in your chart that promote or inhibit health and recommends diet and lifestyle changes to balance your mind and body. more